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Jamie Shick D.C.

Dr. Jamie Shick is the founder and head Chiropractor of Simply Wellness Chiropractic, LLC in Rockford, IL. As a Chiropractor, his main goals are to correct misalignments of the spine (subluxations) and extremities, correct posture abnormalities, and for you to reign in life in all that you do.

Dr. Jamie treats patients by performing adjustments to the spine and other parts of the body, using traction devices, and specific exercises.

Dr. Jamie has helped many people over the years get back to functioning at a higher level by not only reducing or eliminating pain, but also increasing their sense of well-being. Patients comment all the time on his thoroughness and attention to detail when it comes to their health.

What gets Dr. Jamie up in the morning is his passion to help people function better and live a more fulfilling life by delivering the best chiropractic care possible. He doesn’t want patients just to thrive, but wants them to reign in life! His clinic is all based on honesty and integrity. All care recommended is specific to the issue the patient is dealing with. If it is not a chiropractic problem, patients are referred to the appropriate health care professional.

Dr. Jamie is married to his wife Dr. Elizabeth and they have one adorable girl. Dr. Jamie grew up around Freeport, IL and attended Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Jamie enjoys playing golf, listening to worship music, reading grace based books, and spending lots of time with his family.

"Hope does not disappoint. So have a positive expectation of good."
- Romans 5:5

Chiropractor Rockford IL Elizabeth Anne Shick Meet The Team


Elizabeth Anne Shick D.C.

An Early Start in Chiropractic
God sent me chiropractic care all the way back when I was a youth. I had chronic ear infections which left me with scar tissue and loss of hearing. After many doctors’ visits and anti-biotics that did not heal my ear infections, I was taken to a chiropractor who adjusted my neck.

I was so glad when my ear infections went away completely after a series of adjustments. So grateful the chiropractor helped me with my infections and left a lasting impression on me ever since!

Fast forward to when I was in high school, I shadowed a chiropractor who was in a nearby town and was amazed at how much he loved caring for his patients. It was cool to see the experiences the patients had from going to the chiropractor as well. I knew I wanted to help people just like him.

My Experience With Chiropractic & Pregnancy
My second life-changing experience with chiropractic was when we were pregnant with our first child. Throughout the entire pregnancy, I got to see how chiropractic and acupuncture worked their healing touch in keeping me strong and healthy as I rocked a drug-free pregnancy and delivery. We got my body ready for labor and delivery by doing induction points with acupuncture and within 12 hours we had a beautiful baby girl named Alice.

She was perfect and within moments of her delivery, my husband Dr Jamie got her adjusted. She nursed so well and was able to turn her head better to latch on both sides. Chiropractic there again is an amazing thing for little ones and mommies!

My second pregnancy did not go as smoothly. I was initially way more nauseated. So there again adjustments and acupuncture helped immensely in that first trimester. In the second tri, the baby was breech at 30 weeks. Dr Jamie performed specific adjustments utilizing the Webster technique and I received acupuncture for spinning babies. Sure, enough at our 34-week Ultrasound baby Henry flipped!

At labor and delivery, we did induction points with acupuncture and within an hour my water broke. We had a healthy baby boy delivered hours after that.

Truly God granted us miracle pregnancy and labor-deliveries with both of our children. I am still amazed to see how chiropractic care works in their nervous systems. Alice and Henry both walked at 11 months old and had great body control. Alice was speaking in full sentences by one and a half and Henry who is now one in half can’t stop climbing on things. Pick the highest countertop or table and you will find him. We have seen so many benefits from getting our children adjusted from teething to constipation.

Simply Wellness is built to be a source of Hope, Answers, and Help for those searching for a better way. We utilize the latest technology to keep your nervous system primed and ready to take on anything. Inside Simply Wellness you will find children who no longer have speech delays because they are well-adjusted. We have seen infants failure to thrive, hooked up to feeding tubs and told they would never get well…to thriving and living out their God-given purpose. We have seen toddlers not walking and after several adjustments walking without any trouble. You find people who have suffered from chronic bowel disease for years functioning again without having to have gone through countless surgeries. No matter what the symptoms or problems…we adjust the CAUSE of dis-ease. No matter what your looking for Simple Wellness can help you!


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