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"My experience so far has been very accommodative. Dr Jaime was willing to work with my schedule and so far I have learned a lot. Still early in my treatment but I’m already experiencing more mobility in my neck after just 2 months."

- Aaron U.

"Dr. J was very thorough, professional, and answered all my questions. I didn’t feel rushed. I am looking forward to my next visit. Hopefully he can help me with some of my medical issues."

- Nancy H.

"Dr. Jamie was very thorough in explaining what was being done and what he found from my examination."

- Amanda M.

"When you’ve been adjusted by Dr. J you know you’ve been adjusted! He’s my back crackin’ hero!"

- Jim J.

"The Doctor I saw today was very informative and listened to my concerns. Very happy with my 1st visit. Cannot wait to be adjusted."

- Liz L.

"Thank you Dr. Jamie for being personable, informative, and professional."

- Melissa F.

"Last time I went, Dr. J was so helpful. He really made sure everything looked and felt the way it was supposed to. I had caught a cold a few days before and he found all of the hidden problems to make me feel better and get me on the right track again."

- Kenzie P.

"Dr. J always takes the time to assess the issues I'm having each appointment. It's never the same thing so I don't feel as though I'm getting on his table to "go through the motions." He takes his time to address every issue and I appreciate that about him."

- Maddie G.


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